Q1. What are the documents required to get the Certificate To Whom It May Concern ?

  1. Original Civil ID card of the husband and the wife.
  2. In case of applying for a certificate of the names of heirs – Inheritance Certificate.
  3. A copy of the court ruling in case of amendment or change of the name.
  4. In case of divorce, please bring a copy of the Divorce Certificate.
  5. The transaction will be received by the concerned party or his representative based on an official power of attorney verified by the Ministry of Justice.

Q2. Is it possible to apply for the certificate thru the internet ?

Yes, you can apply for the certificate thru internet and approach the Department with the official supporting documents to collect it.

Q3. When is the decision of expropriation issued ?

It is done after presenting it to the Expropriation Committee to verify the public benefit and then the decision of the Minister of Finance (Head of the Committee) is issued with regard to expropriation to the ownership of the property.

Q4. When is the original document of the property submitted?

After issuance of the decision of expropriation in the Official Gazette and notification by the Department to invite the stakeholders to approach the Department taking with them the documents of the ownership.

Q5. Where is the original document submitted ?

The original document of the property will be received by the Dept of Public Relations and Citizens Service.

Q6. What are the documents required to complete the evaluation process ?

  1. Civil ID.
  2. Original doc.
  3. Determination of Inheritance Certificate in case of heirs.
  4. Powers of attorneys if any.

Q7. What are the procedures after the submission of the document ?

Sending the transaction to the concerned department of the Municipality to declare the authorized and unauthorized construction.

Q8. Who will evaluate the price of the expropriated property ?

The Evaluation Committee is the authorized agency to evaluate the value of compensation for expropriation as per the rates prevailing on publication date.

Q9. Can objection be raised on the evaluations of the Evaluation Committee ?

Yes, after receiving the evaluation letter by the concerned party, he is entitled to submit the objection letter on the price within 15 days from the date of receipt.

Q10. When is the objection meeting fixed ?

After end of the fixed term of 15 days from receiving the letter of evaluation, a hearing will be set to look into the objections raised and the stakeholders will be informed of the date of hearing.

Q11. What is the applicable procedure after presenting the matter to the Objection Committee ?

The letter of determination and transfer will be sent from the Department to the Ministry of Finance (Dept of State Properties) as preparation for payment.

Q12. What is the procedural sequence to complete the process of expropriated properties ?

  1. Issuance of a decision from the Municipal Council or from the Council of Ministers with approval of expropriation.
  2. Request for funds.
  3. Addressing he concerned agencies of the Municipality to issue acquisition formula and statement of the authorized and unauthorized buildings.
  4. Presenting the matters to the Expropriation Committee and issuance of decision of expropriation.
  5. Publication in the official gazette.
  6. Presenting to the Evaluation Committee to estimate the compensation value as per the prevalent rates on the date of publication.
  7. Delivery of the letter of evaluation to the concerned parties with their entitlement to object on the estimations of the Evaluation Committee within 15 days.
  8. Presenting to the Objection Committee.
  9. Issuance of Letter of Determination and Transfer and sending the transaction to the Dept of State Properties as a preparation for payment.