Expropriation for Public Welfare Department


First: basic information

  1. Name : Fahad Ali zayed Al-shualah
  2. Citizenship :Kuwaiti 
  3. Date of birth : Wednesday 28 of thul Qa'dah 1384 AH  which is equal to 31/mars/1965  AD
  4. Social status: married
  5. Current job: undersecretary of the ministry- department of expropriation
  6. Work place: department of expropriation for public benefit
  7. Qualifications: 

Bachelor of Arts (Geography) with a grade of B –university of Kuwait

Diploma of cadastral- College of Technology- The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training-kuwait

Second: job experience

  1. Geographical planner (cadastral administration- Kuwait Municipality) 
  2. cadastral technician (cadastral administration- Kuwait Municipality)
  3. head of determination division (cadastral administration)
  4. researcher in studies and research section (General Secretariat of the Municipal Council) 
  5. supervisor of technical affairs (department of expropriation for public benefit)
  6. secret Secretary of the Commission of expropriation  (department of expropriation for public benefit) 
  7. vice manager of the department of expropriation (department of expropriation for public benefit) decision of the head of municipality number 94/1
  8. acting manager of expropriation department  (department of expropriation for public benefit) decision of the head of municipality number 2000/130
  9. manager of expropriation department (undersecretary of the ministry) (department of expropriation for public benefit) emir decree number 2001/65 issued in 2001/4/9
  10. Deputy minister(department of expropriation for public benefit) decree number 2011/238 issued in 2011/7/5

Committees participated in

Ministry of finance :
  1. Member of committee of expropriation according to the article 5 of the law 33 for the year 64 in relation to expropriation department 
  2. member of the committee follow-up the implementation of the decisions of council of ministers in acquisition of khaitan ) Ministerial decision 2000/48)
  3. Head of planning and follow-up committee in the department of expropriation ( administration decision number 2006/14)
  4. Head of staff affairs in department of expropriation (Ministerial decision number 2010/51)
  5. Head of strengthen and support of transparency committee in achieving the  reformation (2014/10 administrative decision)
Ministries and governmental bodies
  • Permanent Committee to consider the administrative development projects in municipality device Executive (municipality head decision number 94/10) 
  • Committee of review and preparing suggestions  of some of the legislations  that are related to municipality activities (96/38 municipality general manager decision)
  • Consolations committee for suggesting the public steps and policy for municipality magazine (98/16 municipality general manager decision )
  • Member of work team to study report of the municipality work and developing work(head of municipality number 99/66)
  • Vice president of committee for study of the regulatory status of the department of expropriation and the legislations related to the work of the department(head of Kuwait Municipality decision2000/167)
  • member of the committee on the mechanism of development plan to organize areas(municipality head decision (2000/58)
  • member of suggested work team to reorganize the executive body of municipality and its branches (head of municipality decision 2000/167)
  • vice president and Member of the committee administrative evacuation(municipality head decision 99/21 and its modifications )
  • member of the higher committee for planning municipality( many Ministerial decisions)
  • member of the committee of staff affairs municipality ( many administrative decision)
  • member of the committee to consider the naming of administrative positions in the municipal branches in the governorates(2002/94 head of municipality decision )
  • Vice president for the committee of the follow-up issues about property claims(2002/133 head of municipality decision)
  • Member of the Supreme Committee for the Supervision and follow-up on preparations for the meeting of ministers and officials of Municipalities Affairs of the Gulf Cooperation Council(2004/76 municipality general manager decision)
  • Member of the Commission real estate registration mechanism that has no owner, which was issued upon final judgments in favor of the state( administrative decision number 2004/94)
  • Member of the Committee to consider the privatization of agricultural land requests(99/33decision of the vice-presidence of municipality council)
  • member of the committee of studying and follow-up all lawsuits from citizens about the claim of ownership of state land ( decision of the ministers council number 53 date 2003/1/19)
  • A member of a working group to prepare the organizational structure of the Ministry of Works( decision of works minister number 2004/77 in the year 2004/10/24)
  • head of the Committee to examine all the decisions covered by the exchange transactions( council of ministers number 2005/2 date 2005/5/11)

Other experiences

  1. member of the arbitrators in the commercial center of arbitration for gulf cooperation countries
  2. Expert in Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration (membership number 47)
  3. Lecturer in several courses and seminars on the municipality, and the municipal council, state property, real estate settlements, expropriation procedures, technical research of property claims
  4. Associate member of the Management Association of the Arab Business in Egypt number of membership 89
  5. A permanent member of the Kuwaiti Geographical Society (membership number 47)
  6. associated member of Egyptian gropraphical society (membership number 2080)
  7. a permanent member of Kuwaiti society for environment protection
  8. An active member of the Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society (membership number 2026)
  9. an active member of tathamon sport club
  10. former member of the board of directors of the Kuwaiti geographical society (2009-2007)
  11. An active member of the Kuwaiti Journalists Association (4456) (previously)
  12. active Member of the International Organization of Journalists (previously)
  13. Member of the student councils and conferences (previously)


Name of the program


The executing agency


Introduction in computer

88/12/3- 10/8

Applied Education-community service


Introduction in computer


Institute of Management Studies and Technical


Draw cadastral maps


kuwait institute for scintific research department of training


Cadastral work


Applied Education in-service training


Compact rock program


Rock training center- Kuwait municipality


Estimate and plan training needs

93/2/3-  1/30

Arab dar of investment-kuwait municipality


Planning human resource

93/4/8 -4/3

middle east advisory group


Management meetings

93/4/21- 4.17

middle east advisory group


The basic concepts of the administrative process

93/6/30- 6/26

Arab dar of investment-kuwait municipality


compressing work time management

93/11/10- 10/30

Kuwait university college of public management


Creativity and innovative thinking

94/9/28- 9/24

Gulf innovation company


Increasing leadership and administrative skills

95/3/29- 3/25

Gulf innovation company


Accounting and holding books


Public Authority for Applied Education


Managing team work


Civil Service Bureau


Administrative planning and censorship


Civil Service Bureau


Judicial Arbitration


Kuwait university college of laws


Experience against of juridical

98/3/18- 3/14

Kuwait university college of laws


Property real estate problems in Kuwait

99/6/2- 5/29

Kuwait university college of laws


Temporary measures and experience in arbitration


Placed in salalah- oman - GCC Arbitration Center


Authorities and all parties part in the arbitration process cycle


Placed in dubai –uae GCC Arbitration Center


Investment and real estate valuation

2000/8/2- 7/29

Kuwaiti british institute for studies and training


Financial analysis of the real estate assets

2001/6/20 -6/17

Human Investment Company for Training


Increase  legal skills


Kuwait british institute for studies and training


Application NLP in senior management


Civil Service Bureau


international standards for assessment and valuation of real estates


Invest company for advisory and training


Development assistant undersecretaries and senior managers in the e-government program


Institution of electronic government /dubai


The art of reading budgets and financial reports for leaders


Experts in human resources –istanbul turkey


Leading integrated system for strategic thinking and management excellence



official missions

  • Visit to the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain during the period from January 10 to January 20 for the laws and regulations applicable in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) 
  • Visit to the People's Republic of China during the period from 1998/6/ 22-13 (head of munocipility decision )

Conferences, seminars and panel discussions

  1. Participation in the seminar (The Art of issuing the administrative decision and the administrative authorization) in Kuwait Institute for Judicial Studies 2002/5/11
  2. Participation in the legal and administrative skills during the period of the Conference 2004/8/11-7/21 in kuala lumpur malaysia
  3. Seminar (development of the government's accounting system and a workshop to combat financial corruption methods) in cairo egpyt durring 2007/6/14-19
  4. GITEX exhibition in Dubai (29) during the period 2009/10/21-19
  5. The seminar) raise rates outstanding corporate performance( during 2010/5/20-18 Civil Service Bureau
  6. The seminar( management and transparency) during 2010/6/17-15\
  7. GITEX exhibition in Dubai (30) during 2010/10/21-17
  8. GITEX exhibition in Dubai (31) during 2011/13/9
  9. conference (18) for government and electronic services in the (GCC) in dubai during 2012-23-19
  10. Twelfth General annual conference (good governance and building state institutions)10-8, which is organized by the Arab Organization for Administrative Development, september 2012 cario-egypt
  11. conference (19) for government and electronic services in the (GCC) in dubai during 2013-5-22-18
  12. participate in GITEX exhibition in Dubai (33) during 2013/10/24-20
  13. Conference leaders of organizations in a turbulent environment distinct practices and success stories under the auspices of HH the Prime Minister, located in sheraton hotel 2015/5/12-11 which is organized by Group business and employment Kuwaiti Kanye Services

Research and Studies

  • Member of municipality council 1992-(1992-1932)
  • Legislations and decisions related to expropriation department 1996/5
  • Legal terms related to the activity of expropriation department 1998/9
  • Expropriation for public benefit(date- procedures –achievements) 1998
  • Technical search for real estate transactions
  • Municipality council and course in inurban policyin the State ofKuwaitdraw
  • Research given to conference for arab cities organization
  • Scientificseminarsassociated with theconference 2000/4