Enhancing Cooperation Between the Municipal Council and the Department of Expropriation for Public Welfare

On 2018/9/2 the president of municipal council Mr. osama Al otaibi met with Mr. fahd Al-shulaa the general manager of the department of expropriation for public benefit to discuss ways to enhance cooperation between the council of municipality and the department, valuing the important role played by the department of expropriation and its keenness on following the most important procedures regarding confiscation and temporarily seizure for public benefit, the undersecretary Mr. Fahad Al-shula expressed his thanks to the president of the municipal council stressing the importance of the participation of the representatives from the department of expropriation in the committees of the municipal council regarding the procedures of expropriation and segmentation projects and the readiness of the department to cooperate with the municipal council with all its functions.